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Mass production of end-use parts from high-performance materials


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Next-level part production

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A transformative 3D printer enabling mass production of end-use parts in a diverse range of high performance materials. Achieve industry-leading accuracy, consistency, detail and throughput with Programmable PhotoPolymerization P3™ technology.

Next-level part production starts with an Origin One 3D printer

An evolution of digital light processing, P3 powers the Origin One. The tightly synchronized print process includes pneumatic controls to reduce pull forces during the print process, resulting in exceptional surface quality, without sacrificing speed or isotropy. Coupled with an advanced 4K light engine, P3 enables the highest 3D printed part quality and throughput the industry has seen.

In situ analytics, combined with automatic pressure, separation force and temperature regulation, ensure the first part is the same as the last. See powerful product improvements over time, with over-the-air software updates that unlock new advanced materials and workflow optimizations.

High throughput, combined with best-in-class repeatability, helps you expand production without delays, so you can launch faster and respond flexibly to shifts in demand, while maintaining minimal inventory. Leverage the design freedom of 3D printing to reduce part count, simplify your workflow and improve product performance.

Origin One

Stratasys Origin One Material Features

It takes an ecosystem to transform an industry

Stratasys works with leading chemical companies to co-develop innovative photopolymers in several categories to unlock end-use applications in 3D printing. Choose from a wide range of single component, commercial-grade materials, developed on and validated for Origin One. Resins are engineered to be easy to handle and rapidly post-processed, with long shelf lives.

Heat Resistant Parts


Materials for application specific requirements such as flame smoke and toxicity, HDT or mold durability

Tough Part


Impact resistant resins for functional applications that need to perform under stress and high-load conditions.

Elastomer Parts


Resilient high-resolution elastomers for applications requiring excellent tear strength or rebound performance.

Production 3D Printer Parts

General Purpose

Fast printing materials for end-use applications requiring cosmetic surfaces, fine features and high accuracy.

Medical Parts


Medically certified materials for devices where aesthetics, durability and biocompatibility are critical.

Material Specs

Categories Ultimate Tensile
Elongation at
HDT Notched Izod
3955 High Temp 69 MPa 2% 3786 MPa 285° C 18 J/m LOCTITE AM
403 High Temp 91 MPa 9% 2748 MPa 100° C 32 J/m LOCTITE AM
3843 Tough 60 MPa 47% 1890 MPa 80° C 55 J/m LOCTITE AM
3172 Tough 50 MPa 108% 1385 MPa 52° C 75 J/m LOCTITE AM
ST45 General Purpose 55 MPa 16% 2000 MPa 73° C 36 J/m BASF Forward AM
QG 500 General Purpose 20 MPa 42% 465 MPa 62° C 70 J/m DSM Somos
402 Elastomer 5 MPa 230% 42 MPa 50° C n/a LOCTITE AM
EL150 Elastomer 6 MPa 150% 27 MPa 45° C n/a BASF Forward AM
MED412 Medical 38 MPa 110% 1300 MPa 40° C 43 J/m LOCTITE AM
MED413 Medical 40 MPa 40% 1750 MPa 60° C 65 J/m LOCTITE AM
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Stratasys Origin One Specifications

Unparalleled 3D printing scale

Feature Specification
Technology Technology Programmable PhotoPolymerization P3™
Build Envelope 192 x 108 x 370 mm / 7,672 cm3
(7.5 x 4.25 x 14.5 in. / 462 in3)
Maximum length on the diagonal — 220mm (8.6 in.)
Minimum Feature Size Minimum Feature Size Material and design dependent, as low as 50μm
Resolution 4K light engine
Process Energy UV (385nm) and thermal
Software Origin One cloud based web application
Regulatory Compliance CE, FCC
System Size and Weight 49 x 51 x 113cm (19 x 20 x 44 in.)
81 kg (180 lbs.)
Facility Requirements
Power Requirements 90–264 VAC, 50–60 HZ, 700 W, 1 phase
Network Connectivity Ethernet / WiFi with secure network configuration
Ventilation Refer to photopolymer material MSDS or contact us for guidelines
Operating Conditions Operating temperature 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
Operating Humidity 30% to 70%
Gas Input (optional) Facility air or inert gases
Gas Exhaust (optional) Facility exhaust
Material Handling
Resin Tray Capacity 2L
Resin Storage Temp Typically 15°C to 30°C (59°F to 86°F)
Security Features
Printer Authentication Cryptographically-secure handshake
Network Security Industry-standard end-to-end encryption

Stratasys Origin One Benefits

Lets you build, accurate, repeatable parts faster than ever before

Origin One Volume Production

Volume production

An optimized build volume, compact footprint, and minimal power requirements enable manufacturers to maximize production capacity per square foot efficiently. Scale up production with modular hardware and post-process in minutes versus hours to produce parts at scale.

Origin One Large Print

Features big and small

Gain ultimate production flexibility with short or long builds and fast material swaps. Easily print features as small as a hair or solid large molds in the size of the build area with the same exceptional accuracy and consistency.

Origin One Parts Creating Prototypes

Return on investment

Achieve a low per-part cost with a fast time to part, affordable single component resins, minimal post-processing, low waste and high production yields. Seamlessly move from prototyping to production on the same platform.

Stratasys Origin One Applications

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Stratasys Origin One Example Parts

Take a look at example models created with the production machine

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