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Selective Absorption Fusion powder-based 3D printing process

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Higher-volume additive manufacturing production

What is SAF?

Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF) Additive Manufacturing (AM)

SAF technology empowers a powder-based additive manufacturing process that employs industrial-grade technology to achieve higher levels of production of end-use parts. SAF is the technology behind the upcoming H Series™ Production Platform that provides broad capability to control the print process to achieve accurate, consistent production at competitive part costs.

Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF) Technology

Advantages of 3D printing with a Stratasys SAF Machine

Industrial-grade technology

Industrial Piezo-electric print heads and innovative powder management designed for durability and high uptime.

Production throughput

One-pass print-and fuse, few consumable replacements for minimal downtime and high nesting densities to meet production demands.

End-use production parts

Real-time powder heating, unique thermal management and broad powder range for a wide spectrum of part properties.

New SAF Technology Machine

Introducing the Stratasys H350

The SAF™ powered H350 3D printer gives you control of your production and costs. Grow your business through volume production with consistent end-use functional parts.

Built for high-volume, short-run production, the Stratasys H350 3D printer gives you control of your materials, workflow, production and costs while delivering consistency and accuracy print after print.

SAF Technology FAQs

Answering your questions about SAF production

SAF Technology Part

Q. What exactly is meant by “SAF technology?”

SAF Selective Absorption Fusion is the 3D printing technology behind the H Series production platform. SAF is one category of powder bed fusion 3D printing processes as defined by the ASTM. SAF technology uses an infrared-absorbing fluid to help fuse the polymer powder.

This fluid is selectively placed where it’s needed to create the shape of the part in any given layer. When the infrared-sensitive fluid is exposed to the printer’s fusing lamps, it heats up to a higher temperature than the surrounding material.

This “selectively” fuses the powdered particles together but leaves the adjacent material unfused. Using highly reliable print heads, tight thermal control and an innovative powder management system, SAF technology offers a new alternative to other forms of PBF printing.

SAF technology part

Q. How is SAF technology different from other powder bed fusion printers?

SAF’s primary difference involves the process by which the polymer powder is distributed, heated and fused. SAF technology provides a high level of part detail requiring just one High Absorption Fluid. SAF technology’s unique powder management ensures there’s sufficient powder to cover the entire next layer, even when printing large cross-sectional areas, and reduces powder aging. This results in greater thermal stability, which provides better results in the form of part repeatability and material property consistency.

SAF Production

Q. What are the main elements in the printing process workflow with SAF technology?

SAF technology follows the same processing steps as other powder bed fusion printers:

  1. CAD files are input to the printer for printing. When parts are finished printing, they are embedded in a “cake” of unused, loose powder.
  2. After printing, the cake is removed from the printer and allowed to cool. After cooldown, the cake is broken apart to extract the printed parts.
  3. Parts can then be used or post-processed as needed.
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We provide designers and manufacturers with a variety of 3D printing services, to create custom high-performance prototypestooling, manufacturing aids, end-use parts, and low-volume production.

By applying SAF Technology, our staff of highly-experienced specialists are capable of meeting the most stringent demands in terms of time, cost and precision in the creation of your part.

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