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Javelin 3D solutions benefit nearly every segment of the agriculture industry – through the design and creation of farm equipment, to building drones that can relay useful information back to the farmer.

Engineers can meet agriculture challenges at every stage of the development process: from conceptual and proposal development through validation and production:

  • Use the same 3D model for concept development, design automation, simulation, and communication, as well as for prototype development and product manufacturing.
  • Speed your system development by using modular design, systems prefabrication, as well as design reuse, automation, and configuration concepts.
  • Analyze components to see if they will function properly; for example, will the components break, fatigue, deflect, or vibrate excessively?
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TRACK Solution

3D solutions allow you to outpace competitors by developing and producing better agriculture machines in a shorter time—and at a lower cost:

  • TECHNOLOGY to speed your machine design by providing specialized tools to automate the development of weldments, sheetmetal parts, and electrical and pipe routes.
  • Innovate your agriculture machinery and product development PROCESS by finding, reusing, and reconfigure existing designs, while collaborating with strategic partners.
  • MANUFACTURE prototypes with a metal 3D printer and streamline your manufacturing with knowledge based machining.
  • PEOPLE solutions that give your team the skills they need to design and manufacture agricultural machines and collaborate with other departments.

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Learn how 3D tools help Agriculture Engineers design better products


Robust tools to create large assemblies, welded structures, and piping systems

The process of farming and crop management requires the development of components and systems that can benefit from utilizing specialized weldment, piping, and large-assembly design tools.


Model, visualize, and evaluate the design of large assemblies. Plus the ability to create weldments and routed systems. Saving time and eliminating much of the guesswork involved in designing structural frames, pipe & tube routes.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation software allows engineers to accurately validate the loading and kinematics performance of agriculture equipment and components, minimizing prototyping and build-and-break testing.


DriveWorks Design Automation software will free up design engineers from repetitive design tasks, and enhance product quality and reduce errors.


Manage, document, and communicate design data effectively

Agriculture manufacturers need to innovate and require more collaborative development relationships, data reuse, modular design, and systems prefabrication. To complete their jobs effectively, engineers must have efficient data management, documentation creation, and design communication tools.


SOLIDWORKS Composer helps organizations leverage 3D CAD data to create dynamic graphical content to communicate even the most complex products


SOLIDWORKS Product Data Management (PDM) products manage and synchronize your design data across your entire enterprise with a single solution.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping with a Stratasys 3D Printer helps companies turn great ideas into successful products faster than ever before by 3D printing your prototypes.


Automating manufacturing and production

After using 3D design tools to develop and validate designs, agriculture industry designers can leverage 3D CAD data to automate manufacturing and production. Test and evaluate your designs with Desktop Metal 3D printers. And through the use of integrated CAM (computer-aided machining) software, CAD data can also help engineers automate machining and manufacturing of machine components.


Learn how to create, test, and communicate your agriculture machines and products

Gain the skills you need to continually develop more complex products, equipment, and systems—faster, better, and more cost-effectively.

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