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Drive vehicle innovation with design tools and additive manufacturing

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling

Technology & Process Solutions

Javelin SOLIDWORKS Technology solutions enables companies in the automotive and transportation industries to collaborate on the design of innovative products with exceptional style, weight, and performance.

Our solutions allow automotive designers to:

  • Design and Deliver Intelligent Vehicles

    SOLIDWORKS can accelerate product innovation throughout the supply chain with tools that ensure you meet your deadlines and your products meet their performance and quality goals.

  • Imagine and Collaborate Vehicle Concepts

    Enhance customer satisfaction and communicate concepts early in the design phase with SOLIDWORKS by using 3D models and creating photo-realistic imagery with Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities so you can “see” your concepts in the real world.

  • Manage Product Development

    Technology that facilitates multi-site manufacturing, supply chain operations and quality compliance.

OEM Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Solutions

3D printing provides manufacturers with prototyping, advanced tooling and production applications. Additive manufacturing with Stratasys is the cutting edge of the automotive and transportation industry.

Our additive solutions allow automotive manufacturers to:

  • Prototype Ideas Into Production

    Go from the design studio to the factory floor in a fraction of the time it takes other development processes. Produce street ready parts for realistic product tests.

  • Simplify Production by Working Smarter

    Optimize your assembly and create QA tools. Avoid scrap and retooling by testing injection-molds and other tools before machining them.

  • 3D Print Concepts

    From scale models to product concepts, additive manufacturing helps designers shape the way cars are imagined and made.

  • Small Production Runs and Vehicle Customization

    Tailor vehicles to a specific region or market, while keeping customization in sync with the rest of product development. Customize repairs, restorations, and accessories with advanced 3D printed materials.

Technology for Automotive Design

Drive innovation and connectivity with SOLIDWORKS software

Consumers want attractive and user-friendly vehicles that incorporate advanced safety features and performance. SOLIDWORKS® enables companies and suppliers to deliver value to an extended team that designs, manages, and simulates complete products or subsystems.

Customer Example

Accelerating Canadian Transmission System Design with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Litens Automotive Group is the global leader in the design and manufacture of engineered power transmission system design and components.

Litens use SOLIDWORKS Simulation software’s fast and robust solver and complete CAD/CAE integration helping them to speed up their transmission system design process

Automotive Process Management

Communicate and collaborate with your team and suppliers

Break down barriers within teams and suppliers with a single centralized Bill of Materials (BOM) from any CAD model. Define, communicate, collaborate, and predict how designs will perform so they can be optimized before they are built. Minimize redundant parts and change modifications by leveraging existing parts. Securely reuse product design Intellectual Property (IP) across projects to focus on innovation.

Discover our process management solutions:


Additive Manufacturing Automotive Solutions

Advanced materials and techniques for part production


Javelin supports automotive vehicle design with its professional and production grade Stratasys 3D Printing solutions.

Automotive manufacturers are empowered to produce advanced functional and durable parts. Supporting high requirement applications with efficiency-improving build complexities that are not achievable through traditional means. In addition we assist our clients with methodologies to support bridge and direct manufacturing capabilities. Whether your requirement is to improve fuel economy, optimize part count to weight ratios, or eliminate tooling costs, our ability to put automotive and transportation specialists on the fast track to success is what drives us.

Stratasys 3D Printing

We offer Stratasys patented FDM Technology for resilient prototypes and parts made from high-performance engineering thermoplastics. For beautiful models requiring rubber-like or clear materials with a smooth finish, customers choose PolyJet technology based 3D printers.

View the case studies below to learn how Javelin has helped Canadian automotive suppliers such as Solaxis in Bromont QC., and MAGNA Closures  in Newmarket ON., best leverage their investments in Stratasys 3D Production additive manufacturing solutions.

Additive Manufacturing Machines & Materials

Stratasys 3D Printing gets your Parts on the road faster

Go from the design studio to the factory floor in a fraction of the time it takes other development processes. Prototype, test, and produce all manner of tools, jigsfixtures, and street-ready parts with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

With automotive 3D printing solutions, you can raise quality and throughput by optimizing assembly and QA tools. Avoid scrap and retooling by testing injection-molds and other tools before machining them.

Additive Manufacturing Applications

How do Automotive engineers use 3D printers?

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Why Stratasys 3D Printing for Automotive?

Recommended Automotive Machine

Fortus 450mc Production System

Advanced Digital Manufacturing

Workhorse 3D printer for engineers that require demanding flexibility to print larger-sized or many parts in an array of engineering-grade materials with high speed and unfailing throughput.

ABS-M30 fan
Replace Expensive CNC Production

By replacing expensive and lead-time critical CNC-milled parts with in-house manufactured plastic parts, you can dramatically reduce your production costs. The printed plastic parts also perform better technically, weigh less, and are well suited for the production of complex bodies that, when using conventional metal-cutting processes, would be very difficult and costly to produce.

ABSPlus-P430 automotive fixture
Create Better Assembly Tools

For hand-held devices used on the assembly line, engineers can employ 3D printing to make ergonomically designed assembly aids that perform better than conventionally made tools.

ABSi Material Example Part
Test and Identify Design Problems

In some cases using CAD models alone is not as effective at finding design problems as a 3D printed physical part – you can easily identify a component issue that may have been missed in the initial design stage.

automotive 3D printing Agilus 30 auto console
Part Mock-ups and Prototypes

Unleash the imagination of your designers and manufacturers with PolyJet technology 3D printers that bring ideas to life, free from the usual time or financial constraints.

Featured Case Study

3D Printing Automotive Tooling

Solaxis 3D print an Automotive Jig cutting weight and improving accuracy.

With the help of Stratasys 3D printers, Solaxis designed and manufactured a jig for an automotive supplier, which uses it to assemble high-volume plastic door seals.

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