3D Scan Models

Interactive 3D models captured with Artec 3D Scanners

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Airplane 3D scan
Airplane 3D Model
Antelope skull 3D scan
Antelope Skull 3D Model
Arm 3D scan
Arm 3D Model
Ball Joint 3D scan
Ball Joint 3D Model
Beard hair 3D scan
Beard Hair 3D Model (HD)
Car 3D scan
Car 3D Model
Helmet 3D scan
Centurion Helmet 3D Model
Classic chair 3D Scan
Classic Chair 3D Model
Side table 3D scan
Classic Side Table 3D Model
Column 3D scan
Column 3D Model
Compressor 3D scan
Compressor 3D Model
Key 3D scan
Copper Key 3D Model
Decorative plate 3D scan
Decorative Plate 3D Model
Decorative Vase 3D scan
Decorative Vase 3D Model
Dinosaur 3D scan
Dinosaur 3D Model
Flower 3D scan
Flower 3D Model
Fountain basin 3D scan
Fountain Basin 3D Model
Full body scan
Full Body Scan 3D Model
Dual-clutch-gearbox 3D scan
Gearbox 3D Model
Car Hubcap 3D Scan Model
Hubcap 3D Model (HD)
Human face scan
Human Face 3D Model
Leather bag 3D scan
Leather Bag 3D Model
Lobster 3D Scan Model
Lobster 3D Model (HD)
Honda Engine 3D Scan
Motorcycle Engine (HD)
Napoleon Monument 3D Scan
Napoleon Monument
Chair 3D scan
Office Chair 3D Model
Power Drill 3D scan
Power Drill 3D Model
Puffer fish 3D scan
Puffer Fish 3D Model
Shoe 3D Scan
Shoe 3D Model
Skeleton 3D Scan
Skeleton 3D Model (HD)
Smart car 3D scan
Smart Car 3D Model
Sneaker 3D scan
Sneaker 3D Model
Bone 3D Scan
Spinal Bone 3D Model
Starfish 3D scan
Starfish 3D Model
Statue 3D scan
Statue 3D Model
Steering joint 3D scan
Steering Joint 3D Model
Teeth 3D scan
Teeth 3D Model
Transmission 3D Scan
Transmission 3D Model
Turbine 3D Scan
Turbine 3D Model
VW Bus 3D Scan
VW Bus 3D Model
Wooden Chair 3D Scan
Wooden Chair 3D Model (HD)

Artec 3D Scanners

Discover the limitless possibilities of 3D scanning with the portable 3D devices. Lightweight, mobile and compatible with several popular tablets.

Artec scanners can be used absolutely anywhere to ensure a smooth capturing process without having to relocate objects to a particular place.

Artec 3D Scanners

3D Scanning Case Studies

Learn how companies are using Artec 3D Scanners

Capturing data is easy with an Artec 3D Scanner

A three step automatic process using advanced software

3D scanning gear
1 Scan the object

No need to prepare your object in advance, just point the 3D scanner and shoot in automatic mode.

3D Scanning gear optimize
2 Fuse & Optimize

Optimize the size of your final file by reducing the number of polygons from millions to thousands while maintaining the high quality of the mesh.

3D Scanning Gear Texturize
3 Texturize & Export

Add high quality texture to your model in no time! Export to a variety of different CAD systems including SOLIDWORKS.

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