Manufacturing Aids & Tooling

Javelin can create specialty tools for your production

Get the Perfect Tool

Javelin can create the perfect tool for your job, even if it's hollow, contoured, customized or otherwise too complex for traditional tool-production processes like CNC machining.

  • Consolidate several components to reduce tool complexity.
  • Integrated features – fastener, RFID, pockets, text and labeling.
  • Design for ergonomics or maximum functionality, not manufacturability. Get the perfect tool for assembly, gluing, drilling, and measuring.

Reduce Manufacturing Waste

Javelin can help your business to manufacture tools and production parts. Your business can avoid costly errors that lead to waste, scrap, rework, and retooling:

  • 3D printed tools that have less material waste than machined tools.
  • Replace traditionally manufactured tools with high-performance 3D printed tooling at a lower cost.
  • Gain exceptional surface finish and intricate detail often unattainable via conventional manufacturing.

On-demand Tools

Javelin on demand tools supports lean manufacturing strategies. Tools are built directly from your CAD models and can be ready for use in as little as a day.

  • With tools from Javelin you can bring new manufacturing lines online faster.
  • Enable low volume precision assembly.
  • On demand tooling will get your tools made faster.
  • Easily change or update your tool and have it produced faster.

Manufacturing Aids & Tooling Applications

Reduce the cost and risk associated with traditional tool production

Casting Master

Casting Master

Casting master patterns can be 3D printed for substantial savings in cost, labour and time, ultimately speeding new product development.

Composite Tooling

Composite Tooling

3D print cost-effective, high-temperature, custom composite tooling in days — instead of the weeks or months required for traditional tooling processes.

End of arm tooling

End of Arm Tooling

3D printing provides an alternative method for producing End of Arm Tooling that can deliver dramatic time and cost savings while optimizing performance.

3D Printed Injection Molds

Injection Molds

3D Printing has made it feasible to create custom injection, blow, and silicone molds for low volume production and validation of the metal mold design.

Jigs Fixtures

Jigs & Fixtures

3D Print Jigs Fixtures, work-holding devices, and optimize for lighter weight, better ergonomics, easier assembly or greater productivity

Application Case Studies

Learn how manufacturers are using 3D printed manufacturing aids

3D printing aircraft tooling
Aircraft Tooling and Part Production with Stratasys FDM Additive Manufacturing
Fixture 3D printed
Rutland Plastics Saves $60,000 with 3D Printed Jigs and Fixtures
Quality assurance fixtures
3D Printing Custom Quality Assurance Fixtures, Jigs, and Tooling
Fixture holding component for laser drilling machine
3D Printing Bespoke Fixtures for Laser Drilling Machine
Weight optimization tool
Additive Manufacturing provides RUSTIN with Production Efficiencies
3D printed safety tool
Additive Manufacturing improves Life on the Production Line
Piper aircraft hydroforming
Piper reduces cost and lead time of Hydroforming Tooling for a personal jet
GKN Aerospace case study
Reaching New Heights of Efficiency with Additive Manufacturing Tooling
Additive Manufacturing Fixture
Additive Manufacturing reduces fixture costs by 65%

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