SOLIDWORKS PDM / Manage Administration Service

Managed by Certified Experts

Rely on Javelin to maintain and protect your data with SOLIDWORKS PDM or Manage Administration Services

Take the worry and hassle out of SOLIDWORKS Data Management maintenance and administration by adding a PDM Expert to your team. Ensure that your system is properly maintained by a qualified administrator who can be responsible for daily maintenance tasks and configuration changes. Reduce your IT overhead and free up your time to focus on projects.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Administration
Process Solution

We MANAGE Your PDM System

  • Daily Maintenance and Backup
  • Management of User Accounts
  • Adding and Updating Workflows
  • File, Folder and BOM management tasks
  • Facilitate Upgrades and Server Moves

Process Services

Javelin is not just a SOLIDWORKS Supplier, we provide a variety of PDM value added services including implementation and administration.

Admin for Data Management

Work with a Certified PDM Administrator

Once SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional or SOLIDWORKS Manage has been deployed it must be properly maintained by qualified individuals who will be responsible for daily maintenance tasks and for any subsequent configuration changes.

By working with a Certified PDM Professional Administrator (CPPA) you can be confident that your system is being managed by a qualified individual with proven skills in administrating SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and SOLIDWORKS Manage.

PDM Administration Services that Javelin can provide

Listed below are the typical administration tasks that Javelin can manage for your business:

User & Group Management
  • Add, remove users & groups and maintain permissions setting
Data Card Management
  • Add and modify Folder, File and Search Cards
Template Management
  • Create and maintain templates that automate and repetitive tasks
Bill of Materials (BOM) Management
  • Add and modify BOM structures to meet all department needs
Workflow Management
  • Create and maintain workflows to enforce company processes
Notifications and Tasks Management
  • Ensure task automation is leveraged, running and ensure parties are notified when data is ready or input is needed
Database & Archive Backup Management
  • Ensure proper procedures are running to protect your data and be ready to restore in the event that disaster strikes

How the service works

Your Javelin Administrator will be a remote member of your team

Benefits of the Service

  • Free up your resources: The Javelin PDM Administrator will take on the task of managing your data system so you are free to work on your core business, whether it is designing, engineering, or manufacturing.
  • Get qualified support: Javelin PDM Administrators are experts with SOLIDWORKS data management systems and are regularly recertified to ensure they understand the system completely and able to provide your business with the latest data management best practices.
  • Keep your system optimized and up-to-date: Javelin PDM experts will take care of the essential administrative tasks including user management, workflows, processes, and modifying file or folder permissions. Your system will be upgraded when required and optimized to work efficiently.

Working with an Administrator:

The Javelin PDM administrator can be a remote member of your team, which you can include

  • Contacting your administrator: Administrative support is available 13.5 hours a day Monday to Friday from 7 AM — 8:30 PM (ET). You simply contact our support team and specify the task you need completed.
  • Billing for the service: A term contract is required for system administration, contact us to learn about the contracts available.
  • Not included with the service but available for an additional cost:
    • Custom apps that require programming (this includes template macros).
    • Initial implementation and configuration of your server.
    • Cloud set-up and migration
    • System auditing and health checks
    • PDM connectors


Javelin can implement, upgrade and audit your system

Need a SOLIDWORKS PDM & Manage Administration Service?

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