Healthy Weight Week 2018

Healthy Weight Week 2018 is January 15-19th.

This week is probably not for celebrating what you think.  In fact, it is likely the opposite.  Healthy Weight Week was created 25 years ago to celebrate healthy lifestyles that prevent eating disorders and weight problems.  It is meant to encourage poeople of all sizes to live actively, eat well, and feel good about themselves.  How refreshing!  Healthy Weight Week is sponsored by Green Mountain at Fox Run, an organization that focuses on ditching diets and ineffective weight loss programs and eating and moving mindfully.

Every Tuesday of Healthy Weight Week (January 16th this year) is recognized as Rid the World of Fad Diets and Gimmicks Day.  On this day, the Slim Chance Awards are announced for the year’s worst diet products.  Stay tuned, there will be a post for this after they are announced!

Let’s face it, our culture is OBSESSED with looks and body image.  The message we get everyday is that if only there were less of us, we would be happier and more fulfilled.  This creates body image issues.  If you’re not happy with your body you are more likely to turn to fad diets or other weight loss programs.  What do most people do if they feel this way? Try a fad diet, lose a bunch of weight and then gain even more weight back.  This turns into a cycle.  These practices do damage to our bodies and our emotional well being because diets don’t work, even though we are all constantly under the impression we should be on one.  This video explains why diets don’t work:


Healthy Weight Week encourages everyone to focus on being healthy, not going hungry, enjoying your food, and having a good relationship with food.  This is something we should all celebrate, and not only for one week, but every day.   Check out the blog from Green Mountain at Fox Run for more information about having a healthy relationship with food and your body.