Mindful Eating

January is World Mindful Eating Month.  Mindful eating allows us to follow cues from our bodies to determine what and when to eat.  This allows our bodies to be nourished and satisfied naturally from within instead of finding a diet or program to follow.  Check out this graphic to learn more about mindfulness and mindful eating:

Mindfulness and mindful eating can be a great way to pay closer attention to your body to determine how hungry or full you are.  Mindful eating helps us choose foods that are satisfying and nourishing.  Using mindful eating can improve our relationship with food and our bodies.  Eating in this manner can help regulate our eating to avoid cravings and nourish our bodies adequately, without feelings of guilt or deprivation.

STOP feeling guilty and confused about food.  START feeling satisfied and in control.

Try this mindful eating meditation: