Celebrate Screen Free Week!

Did you know? Most preschoolers spend 32 hours per week with screens and older kids usually spend more.  There are several risks associated with too much screen time like poor school performance, decreased physical activity, and problems with attention.  Screen Free Week is a campaign used to reduce screen time, especially for children.  Individuals, schools, and businesses have started going screen-free during this celebration week to enjoy time away from news feeds, targeted ads, and auto play videos.  It also gives families and communities an opportunity to come together and connect with each other.  Screen Free Week was developed based on the principle that a healthy childhood depends on a surprising thing: play! Through creative play, kids explore their physical world, build their curiosity, and expand their imaginations. But often, time spent on ad-supported screens displaces the kind of creative play kids need to thrive. Screen Free Week encourages kids to find alternatives to screens to improve learning and literacy and to continue them throughout the year.  Celebrate Screen Free Week April 29th-May 5th and help children and adults “power down” their screens and rev up their involvement in life!

Screen Free Activity Ideas

Screen Free Week is a great time to get outside and explore nature! If the weather isn’t cooperating, this time could be spent learning about food, nutrition, and cooking.  What better way to spend the afternoon than together in the kitchen creating a delicious masterpiece and understanding how food fuels our bodies.

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