American #HeartMonth

Heart healthy nutrition doesn’t have to be rocket science.  Research shows that a plant based style of eating can have healthful effects.  You don’t have follow a completely vegetarian meal pattern, but small changes like switching from cooking with butter to using oil and adding plant based foods can add up to a healthier heart and body.  See some other ideas for increasing plant foods in your meals:

  • Go meat free one day or meal per week.  Here are some examples:
    • Veggie, rice and bean stuffed peppers
    • Tofu stir fry
    • Portobello mushroom burger
    • Veggie pizza
    • Lentil tacos
    • The Meatless Monday Campaign also has some other great ideas and recipes on their website:
  • Incorporate more pulses (beans, lentils, peas) in your meals, they are incredibly versatile:
    • Swap hummus for mayo in sandwiches.
    • Use ½ pureed white beans and ½ ricotta cheese in lasagna.
    • Make burgers ½ ground meat and ½ mashed pinto beans.
    • For mac & cheese use ½ cheese sauce and half yellow split pea puree.
    • In brownies replace 1 cup flour with 1 can pureed black beans.
    • For chocolate chip cookies replace ½ the oil with red lentil puree.
    • For a boost of protein and fiber, puree into soups or stews or add in place of meat in sauces.
    • Add beans to salads.
    • Roast chickpeas for a crunchy snack.


Not sure how to prepare pulses? Here are some tips:














































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