In Season: Summer Produce-Watermelon

Sure, watermelon is typically a staple at barbecues but this fruit can be used for so much more!  See some ideas below:

Selection & Storage

  • Melons should be free of cracks, dark bruises, or soft spots.
  • Select a melon that is fragrant as it is a clue to its ripeness. 
  • A ripe melon will be firm. A slight softness is a good sign, but it should not be spongy.  Thumping and shaking is not an accurate indicator.
  • Look for a clean, smooth break at the stem.
  • Melons are very perishable, bruise easily, and spoil at room temperature.  Melons should be stored in the refrigerator until ready to use.
  • Ripe melons are very fragrant, and the aroma of a cut melon can penetrate and effect other foods.


Watermelon Fire & Ice Salsa

Mediterranean Salad

Watermelon Poke Bowl  

Watermelon Sundae Dippers

Watermelon Feta Bruschetta


Information from SNAP Ed Connections & Have a Plant