Healthy Weight Week 2020

Healthy Weight Week 2020 starts January 17th!

This week is probably not for celebrating what you think.  In fact, it is likely the opposite.  Healthy Weight Week was created in 1994 to celebrate healthy lifestyles that prevent eating disorders and other side effects from dieting and weight cycling. It is meant to encourage people of all sizes to live actively, nourish their bodies, and feel good about themselves.  How refreshing! 

Let’s face it, our culture is OBSESSED with looks and appearance with an extreme focus on thinness and the idea that thin equals healthy (this isn’t true!).  With this focus, we are more likely to turn to diets or other weight loss plans and programs, usually over and over again since most people gain weight back after dieting. This usually turns into a cycle and does damage to our bodies and our emotional well being.

Break the cycle! Healthy Weight Week encourages everyone to focus on health behaviors like nutrition, activity, sleep, stress management, and other ways to improve health without focusing on weight loss or dieting. Improving our relationship with food and our bodies is a great way to improve our health as well! This is something we should all celebrate, and not only for one week, but every day.