Desktop 3D Printers

Plastic Rapid Prototyping Machines for Designers and Engineers

Stratasys J35 Pro

Stratasys J35 Pro

Stratasys J35 Pro is an affordable PolyJet Multi-material Desktop 3D Printer. Produce jigs, fixtures, functional parts, prototypes and concept models.

Objet30 desktop 3D printer in design office

Objet30 Pro

The Objet30 Pro combines the accuracy and versatility of a high-end rapid prototyping machine with the small footprint of a regular desktop 3D printer.

Objet30 Prime

Objet30 Prime

The Stratasys Objet30 Prime 3D prints from your desktop, with twelve material options including rubber, high-temperature and bio-compatible.

MakerBot Replicator 3D Printer

MakerBot Replicator+

The MakerBot Replicator+ desktop 3D printer is the fastest and most affordable tool yet for making 3D models and product concepts. Easily create professional-quality prototypes and highly complex models.



The MakerBot METHOD X is an innovative 3D printing platform powered by Stratasys. Featuring production-grade real ABS, a 100°C chamber for less warping, and SR-30 soluble support material for building complex parts.

MakerBot Method Carbon Fiber

MakerBot METHOD Carbon Fiber

MakerBot METHOD Carbon Fiber Edition 3D Printer allows you to print strong, heat-resistant metal replacement parts out of carbon fiber reinforced nylon.

MakerBot 3D printing collaboration


The MakerBot METHOD professional 3D printer will print up to 2x faster than desktop 3D printers and accelerate your agile design process.

The Truth about Low-priced Desktop 3D Printers and How to Get it Right

You need a desktop 3D printer but which machine is best for your organization’s needs?

Download our 3D Printer Buying Guide and see how the Stratasys F120 stacks up against the competition:

  • Learn the truth about Desktop 3D Printers
  • Learn about the latest solution that checks all the boxes
  • Learn how to avoid the ‘low price’ trap

Desktop 3D Printer Benefits

Our desktop 3D printers make it simple to build high-quality, accurate 3D models

Objet30 ideation

Ideation and Concepting

With various material options and combinations,  including rubber, high-temperature and bio-compatible, design teams will finally be able to build prototypes limited only by their imagination.

With advanced product realism your team will be able to collaborate with other groups, bringing ideas together to better sell through your design.

Objet Eden 260VS 3D Printed Parts

Design Optimization & Validation

Refinement of specific design elements can be done prior to machining production-grade molds. With a broad spectrum of material properties – from strong to flexible – design teams can deliver performance verification and intensive testing.

More prototyping means more opportunity to evaluate whether a part will function as intended.

3D Printed Architectural Model

Print complex & delicate features

Versatile 3D printing is in reach for designers and engineers in architecture, consumer goods, electronics and medical-device development with the most advanced PolyJet desktop 3D printer.

Plus, different print modes give you the flexibility to quickly test concepts, or build astonishingly detailed, finely finished prototypes from your desktop.

3D Printer Services

3D Printing Productivity and maintenance with Javelin services

Javelin Support Team

Technical Support

With our 3D Printer Subscription Service, you have access to extensive help from our 3D Printing experts. Which will enhance your hardware investment and guide you through development challenges.

  • Live Technical Support from our certified support team.
  • Onsite Support to solve your technical issue right on your machine.
  • Regular Communication of 3D printer software updates and technical tips and tricks.
Stratasys Support

Maintenance & Materials

When you purchase a new Stratasys 3D printer from Javelin, our service contracts give you predictable maintenance costs and simplified purchasing cycles for spare parts, service and consumables/material.

  • Annual onsite service of your machine
  • Get replacement 3D printer materials and parts directly from us
Exclusive pricing for Education

Contact us to learn more about educational pricing and maintenance contracts for educational institutions.

3D Printing Hands-on Training

3D Printer Training

Our 3D Printing Essentials course will show you how to optimize and 3D Print your 3D models more cost effectively to become an Additive Manufacturing expert:

  • Learn how to print Your 3D designs with confidence
  • Understand 3D printing technology and material usage
  • Reduce your 3D printing time and costs

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