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Simulation Solutions

With powerful and intuitive SOLIDWORKS® Simulation solutions, product engineers can virtually test new ideas, quickly and efficiently evaluate performance, improve quality, and get the knowledge for product innovation.

Virtual simulation software

Manufacturing companies across all industries have made 3D virtual simulation a valuable engineering tool to synthesize and define their physical products.

Sophisticated simulation is no longer just for specialists. It’s the inspiration that fuels innovation. Product engineers can make their technical decisions driven by simulation insights, uncovering significant product and business benefits.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation helps you ask and answer complex and important engineering questions earlier. Allowing you to test your product virtually with real world insights.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Linear Analysis
Linear Stress Analysis

Calculate stresses and deformations of parts and assemblies due to internal and external loads to validate product performance and safety while you design.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Use finite element analysis to calculate stresses and displacements of parts and assemblies under internal and external loads.

Fatigue Analysis

Predict component fatigue failures by examining repeated or random load cycles.

Thermal Analysis

Calculate temperatures and heat transfer within and between components.

Motion Analysis

Evaluate mechanical performance through operational movements using rigid body motion analysis.

Vibration Analysis

Examine how vibrating or unstable modes can shorten equipment life to eliminate failures.

Nonlinear Analysis

Analyze stresses and deformations of geometry under general loading and material conditions.

Frequency Analysis

Identify boundary conditions and ensure that natural modes of vibration are away from the environmental forcing frequencies.

Dynamic Analysis

Determine the impact of time varying loads on structural response for your design.

Plastic and Rubber Part Analysis

Optimize material selection for plastic and rubber components, or assemblies containing plastic or rubber parts.

Structural Optimization

Optimize a design to meet defined strength-to-weight, frequency, or stiffness performance.

Buckling Analysis

Investigate the buckling strength of a design with and without environmental loads to ensure that it meets product requirements for strength, performance, and safety.

Capability SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard SOLIDWORKS Premium
Ease of Use/Intuitiveness Included Included Included Included
Linear Static Simulation for Part & Assembly Included Included Included Included
Time Based Mechanism Motion Simulation Included Included Included Included
Finite Element Analysis Included Included Included Included
Contacts and Connectors Included Included Included Included
Post Processing Included Included Included Included
Communication Included Included Included Included
Design Comparison Studies Included Included Included Included
Trend Tracker Included Included Included
Fatigue Simulation Included Included Included
Detecting Unconstrained Bodies Included Included Included
Equation Driven Results Included Included Included
Design Optimization (based on Simulation data) Included Included
Advanced Contacts & Connectors Included Included
Event-Based Motion Simulation Included Included
Frequency Simulation Included Included
Buckling or Collapse Simulation Included Included
Structural Thermal Simulation Included Included
Drop Test Simulation Included Included
Pressure Vessel Design Simulation Included Included
Submodeling Simulation Included Included
2D Simplification Included Included
Load Case Manager Included Included
Non Linear Simulation Included
Dynamic Simulation Included
Composites Components Simulation Included
Offloaded Simulation Included

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Case Studies

Learn how Canadian engineers are using simulation software from Javelin

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Packages

Accelerate the design process with a suite of easy-to-use solutions

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard

Answer your “What if?” questions with SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard software, and remove design risk with a 3D work space to virtually test your ideas

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional delivers more powerful and sophisticated simulation capabilities, to help you answer engineering challenges

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium delivers more powerful and sophisticated simulation capabilities, to help you answer engineering challenges

SOLIDWORKS Plastics Software


SOLIDWORKS Plastics simulation software makes it easy for companies that design plastic parts or injection molds to predict and avoid manufacturing defects

SOLIDWORKS HVAC Applications Module


The SOLIDWORKS HVAC Applications Module helps designers / engineers test and optimize air and gas movement in working and living environments

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation gives product engineers access to powerful CFD analysis capabilities that help enable them to speed up product innovation

SOLIDWORKS Electronic Cooling Modle

SOLIDWORKS Electronic Cooling

The SOLIDWORKS Electronic Cooling module helps designers test and optimize the thermal performance of their PCB and electronic components

HFWorks Field Simulation

HFWorks High Frequency Simulation for SOLIDWORKS

HFWorks is a 3D field simulation add-in solution for SOLIDWORKS. For RF, Microwave, mm-wave, and high speed digital circuit design and analysis.

EMS magnetic field analysis

EMS Electromagnetic Simulation for SOLIDWORKS

EMS is a suite of Electromechanical energy conversion tools for electrostatic analysis, conduction problems, magnetostatics, AC magnetics or transient analysis

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Benefits

Get products to market faster with less physical prototyping

SOLIDWORKS Dynamic Response

Boost product innovation

Grow market share and differentiate through groundbreaking product design.

Empower the engineering team with intuitive, powerful 3D simulation tools to compare design scenarios and new ideas to bring innovative products to market.


Decrease development costs

Reduce the need for costly prototyping by integrating virtual testing early in product development.

Reduce outsourcing costs by testing performance and functionality internally.

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Efficiency

Improve product efficency

Improve product performance, such as lower pressure drop and increased horsepower.

Optimize assembly performance by verifying part and mold designs in the earliest stages of development.

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Upgrades & Resources

Enjoy the latest version of your software and direct access to a comprehensive library of drawings, parts, assemblies, and features contributed by users around the globe.

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A SolidProfessor and a MySolidWorks online account is included with your subscription service where you can get answers, stay current, and sharpen your design skills with online training:

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